caroline pedler - illustrator and artist

So 2015 feels like an even better year. I have started teaching on a permanent basis at Plymouth College of Art, as a part time lecturer and also will be running an illustration evening class from Sept. I am also teaching workshops at Newlyn School of Art, which is also great! I love teaching.

Being more relaxed with life in 2014-15, I am still living a highly creative life, getting to know a lot of very talented people, going to lots of shows and private views etc. I have been working hard on my process, behind the scenes in any spare time I have. Waiting for publishers seems to be a regular pastime, so filling that space with personal development and smaller jobs feels more productive. I am constantly working on my personal development for both my commercial and authorial work, in order to gain new clients and new work for my folio.

You can catch up on the daily goings on in my world here on my blog... with new work coming out all the time. The blog is generally a more up to date journal. I also have a page on the AOI Website here. Also a tumblr site where I'm posting simple thoughts and sketches. These are very sporadic. Most recently I have made a new website with new, authorial work on it, called an-ti-dote This is more fine art based and work I do purely for my own creative enjoyment and serves as an antidote to the more highly briefed commercial work. 

I am always working with Little Tiger Press. I am currently waiting for the next book to start. 10 years this year!

I was very lucky to be one of a group of ladies (part of a TAAP residency) to spend a couple of weeks at Porthmeor studios in St Ives in May. In studio no.5, Patrick Heron and Ben Nicholson's old studio. It was incredible to part of that history and you can find more about my time there on my blog. The work I created there went on exhbition at Newlyn Gallery in Nov last year, along side the MIdas Awards.

Recently I took part in Fiat Lux as part of Limbo for the Cornwall Art Biennial, which was most fun. Painting in situ with some amazing artists, on various portraits to be auctioned.

The work I created for my solo show (an-ti-dote) in St Ives back in 2012 is still going strong, and I continue to create more 'antidote' work. 

I am constantly working on smaller, creative projects that conclude with a book of my work and an exhibition, with a view to setting up my own book press in the future. One being with Emma Griffin and Steve Kenyon of Project Insight. A blog that will become a book of artists in their studios.

This website is currently going through some reconstruction, refreshing and replacing a lot of the work with more current work, which represents the work I do now more, and therefore offering a wide range of styles and application.

You can always follow me on on blog, on my other website- Squarespace with more fine art based work, or in current work for a brief up to date idea of what I'm doing now.

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